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Take a picture, go to jail?

In a brief e-mail to Dave Farber's Interesting People list, Ole J. Jacobsen, editor and publisher of The Internet Protocol Journal reports,

I had about an hour to kill today in Washington, so I decided to wander down towards the White House and check out the latest security measures.

On my way, I passed the Department of Commerce, so I crossed the street and took a picture, figuring I could use it in some future PowerPoint presentation describing the DNS root and all that.

I managed just one shot... before I was told by a police officer that "you cannot photograph the entrance of any Federal building."

So, there you have it. It's obviously very dangerous to allow a tourist like me to just go around taking pictures in public places. Since the picture actually doesn't show the entrance (if it did it's been cropped ;-) I feel my Greencard is probably safe, but you and your readers have been warned.

I am not making this up!

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