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Stop nuclear weapon development

True Majority is asking people to write to their congresspersons, urging them to vote against funding a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Last year, the budget funding the nuclear "bunker buster" bomb was cut in half. Now the Bush administration is trying to get it funded again, working to create a whole new generation of what they're now calling "useable" nukes. The "bunker buster" is the first in a long line of projects that would start up production of nuclear weapons.

I agree.

Dear Congressman Hoeffel,

To make our nation more secure, please eliminate all funds for the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, also known as the bunker buster. New U.S. nuclear weapons will make us less safe by encouraging other countries to rely on nuclear weapons for their security. We need to reduce reliance on the most horrific weapons ever created and make global disarmament our priority.

Please take the money under consideration for this program and spend it on schools, humanitarian foreign aid or health care to build real national security.


Hugh D. Hyatt

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