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Long lost friends

[I had updated this page with a number of new names and contacts I made over the last few years. Then my former hosting site lost my pages and I had to go back to a rather old backup copy. I'm in the process of updating it.]

This is my reverse egosurfing page. I put your name here where the Web search engines could find it. Then, along you came and looked yourself up. Up popped this page, and now you are looking at it.

Or maybe you got here some other way and know me from my days at Anna P. Mote, in Troop 203 at the Hockessin Fire House, at Brandywine Springs, at Dickinson, working on the B8000 at Great Valley Labs or the B6500 at Pasadena, at Oxy, at the U. of D., on the Teton Valley Ranch or in Southeastern Michigan. There's a good chance I remember you, but simply can't recall your name. I'd love to hear from you, too. You don't have to have anything to say, even.

Either way, drop me a line, why don't you?

"Asher" Boquist

I know Asher was an assumed name, but I forget your real one. We corresponded for a year or two after I met you in the summer of 1965(?).

Gale Bunn

In the mid-60's we were classmates at Brandywine Springs Junior High School outside Wilmington, Delaware. I had a crush on you for years, but I don't think I was your type.

Chris Culhane

You lived across the street from me on Mockingbird Hill.

John Cunningham

In the mid-60's we were classmates at Brandywine Springs Junior High and on the Westminster Swim Club team together. Once, several years later, I ran into you in the bank you worked for in Newark, Delaware.

Laura Czerwin

While you were living in Oak Wood Hills in about 1965, I took you to see the Beach Boys at the Armory. You fainted.

Barby Evans

You were one of my dormmates in Newcomb Hall and closest friends at Occidental College, circa 1970. We went door-to-door together against the war but then you had a change of heart based on your religious convictions. I'm still impressed. I also still have some letters you wrote.

Kim Fisher

Sometime classmate in public school and good friend.

Mary Hoffecker

You were my good friend at John Dickinson High School in 1965-66. You introduced me to Asher. She was your cousin, wasn't she?

Harlan Hokin

You were my fellow 4H Club member and [eventually] my roommate at Oxy. Thanks for introducing me to Leadbelly. 1997 update: Whoa! I found you!

Janet Holm

I bought you tickets to see the Beatles at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. I picked the seats one row closer than the ones you got. I was surrounded by screaming girls (whom I uselessly screamed at to shut up) while you could hear perfectly.

Kris Houchin

My sometime classmate in public school and good friend. You lived on Graves Road, on the next hill over from Mockingbird Hill. I remember your parents emergency-landing their airplane in a field and flipping over when they hit a fence.

Susan Jones

You were my classmate more often than anyone else in the years we spent at Anna P. Mote Elementary School (starting in 1957), Brandywine Springs Junior High and Dickinson High (I left in 1965). Did you swim for Westminster? Or did we compete against you?

Tony Kryka

You taught me to microprogram the BDS processor, which we were using in the S1000/S3000 at Burroughs' Wayne facility in the late 1970's. You gave the only toga party I ever attended.

Misty Leech

My sometime classmate at Anna P. Mote. I think you lived on Ribblet Lane.

Ben Mason

You lived halfway down Mockingbird Hill for a few years around 1960. You put an ice pick between my thumb and forefinger while I held the jar you were punching holes into the lid of.

Nancy Nicholson

You came to Anna P. Mote from parochial school, in 1959 was it? You lived in Dunlinden Acres. We used to compete with each other trying to name all the states with their capitals in order of admission to the Union (at least that's the way I remember it). I had a crush on you for the next three years. What a pain I must have been! Later you moved to Canterbury Hills.

Eileen O'Brien

A frequent classmate at Anna P. Mote and Brandywine Springs. I saw you once across campus at the University of Delaware while I was there (1970-1973), the only person from my public school days I ever saw there.

Rene Ortiz

Then from Visalia, California, you made me an honorary member of the Occidental College Puerto Rican Students Association in 1969. You visited me at the Teton Valley Ranch in Wyoming and in my over-the-garage apartment at Cairncrest in Bryn Athyn. Were you on your way to France? I still have some letters you wrote. (Boy! There are a lot of people on the Web with your name.)

Nancy Outen

We worked together on the S1000/S3000 at Burroughs' Wayne facility in the late 1970's. You broke your arm horseback riding, I believe.

Cathy Scheitlin

Then from Phoenix, Arizona, you were another of my closest friends at Oxy. What are you up to? And can I still spell your name correctly? I still have some letters you wrote.

Steve Smith

I don't remember seeing you since high school, even though I married your first cousin. Remember going to Delaware with me Thanksgiving weekend in 1966?

Bill Spear

You lived almost across the street from me on Mockingbird Hill. In 1957, the year my family moved there, the year they won the World Series, you taught me to love the Milwaukee Braves. What a team, eh? Aaron and Matthews, Spahn, Buhl and Burdette.

Ted Trevarrow

You were my best friend in junior high school. You lived in Oak Wood Hills and went to school at Archmere Academy. I saw you once in the early 70's when we were both living on the West side of Newark, Delaware.

Harlan Hokin, Hugh Hyatt—4H. Get it?

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