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Résumé of Hugh D. Hyatt
611 Dale Road, P.O. Box 143
Bryn Athyn, PA 19009
e-mail: hughhyatt@fastmail.fm


A challenging Senior Systems or Embedded Systems software development position that will utilize my problem-solving, research and analytical skills to contribute to a highly reliable software product that is critical to the organization's overall success.


Twenty-nine years experience in software engineering:



• C/C++, Assembler, Pascal, ALGOL, COBOL

• Unix, CTOS, PCs, LANs

• Perl, Python, Unix shell scripts

• IBM 360/370 architecture, 37x5

• TCP/IP, OSI, SNA, BNA, NetWare

• Burroughs A & V Series, CP2000

• X Windows, MS Windows, HLLAPI

• PowerTV, SARA

• Oracle, SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Progress

• Scientific Atlanta Explorer STB

• TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SQL*Loader, DataLoad


Owner/consultant; Legend Consulting, Bryn Athyn, PA (2002-Present)

Converted a large ($300M/year) landscaping client's legacy data—7,000 employees, 10,000 projects, 14,000 customers, 15,000 open invoices, 11,000 vendors, 6,000 fixed assets over 100 different organizations and 4 databases—from Shaker’s COINS software & Progress database to Oracle's 11i e-business suite & 9i database using DataLoad utility, SQL*Loader and PL/SQL.

Designed and implemented a customized HRMS Forms Configurator template to streamline adding and maintaining employee records.

Automated the system administration task of using FNDLOAD to download and upload AOL data (data request groups; menus, forms, functions; responsibilities; flex field value sets; users) via shell scripts.

Software engineer; Liberate Technologies, MoreCom Division, Horsham, PA (1999-2002)

Enhanced multi-platform interactive TV client software for Win32, OS-9 on DiviCom set-top box and PowerTV/SARA on Scientific Atlanta Explorer series, using an object-oriented model in plain C with data structures in class notation.

Reduced screen refresh time from 70 ms to 1.7 ms and video memory usage from 1800 K to 1200 K in PowerTV environment on SA Explorer 2000 set-top box by tuning graphics driver libraries.

Developed consistently reproducible build process under DOS and Cygwin bash for releases to QA of software for Win32, OS-9/DiviCom, PowerTV/SARA and PowerTV/Pioneer plat-forms using GNU makefiles and build scripts.

Product Developer; Platinum Technology, Inc., Aston Brooke Development Lab, Blue Bell, PA (1998-1999)

Supported and enhanced 20,000 lines of multi-platform (Unix, Windows and mainframes) Perl installation scripts and related files for POEMS, the common infrastructure for Platinum's ProVision product line. These scripts:

  • supported a common configuration file paradigm within an enterprise-wide repository
  • conditioned target system environments, such as Windows registry, default parameters, environment variables
  • started services and programs on target systems as required

Improved the installation process for field support personnel and customers by reducing the number of required user interactions, eliminating almost 100 bugs and adding support for a dozen major new products and features.

Senior Programmer; McKesson Information Solutions GMIS Product Group, Malvern, PA (1996-1998)

Delivered decision support software for medical claims payers utilizing very large (107-108 claim lines) episode-oriented multi-dimensional databases, on schedule:

  • data validation design for member, provider and claims extracts (46,000 lines C++)
  • software to assign pharmacy claims to medical episodes (9,400 lines C++)
  • software to summarize multi-dimensional data for loading into MDB cube (3,400 lines C)

Awarded $500 for outstanding quality of software.

Owner/consultant; Legend Consulting, Bryn Athyn, PA (1993-1996)

Reduced automobile manufacturer's production scheduler time by 75%, analyst time by 35-40%, premium freight charges by $100,000 and precluded inventory obsolescence by converting several HLLAPI applications to Oracle access via SQL.

Established financial and operational performance measurement capabilities in landscaping client's 90 remote offices by delivering software to query Unix-based server's Progress database and download MS Excel-integrated results to client PCs.

Enabled a Value Added Reseller to sell and install improved software with no impact on their customers' businesses by delivering and integrating custom construction estimating and payroll timecard entry modules into their construction industry software package running on a Progress database.

Designed network and wrote RFP to save landscaping client $72,000 per year on total telecommunIcations bill of $800,000 with virtually no investment by integrating data communications and voice.

Unisys Corporation/Burroughs Corporation (1977-1992)

Technical Support, U. S. Information Systems; Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, PA (1989-1992)

Enabled Fortune 500 companies, major financial institutions and government agencies to establish networking strategies by disclosing product plans/strategic direction (e.g. Westinghouse, N.Y. Clearing House, Dept. of Defense and World Bank).

Saved $30 million contract by matching requirements to product capabilities and designing networks for Suffolk County (NY).

Director, Network Product Systems; Unisys Corp., Devon, PA (1986-1989)

Enabled $16.2 million annual revenue stream by supporting front-end processors.

Delivered product lines with estimated revenue of $55 million over 5 years by producing networking software for front-end processors and workstations, at committed cost, within 6 weeks of a 2-year schedule, with a staff of 70 and $5.4 million budget.

Program Manager, IBM Interfaces; Burroughs Corp., Devon, PA (1981-1986)

Delivered the widest range of SNA capability outside of IBM across full range of Burroughs product platforms with staff of 40.

One subordinate was awarded corporate Achievement Award of $5,000 (maximum amount).


B.A. in HistoryUniversity of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

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