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Could Your Secret Security Profile Stop You from Traveling?

The ACLU has put up a web-based quiz you can take that supposedly will give you some idea of whether you'll be allowed to board the plane next time to head to the airport to fly out of town.

The next time you go to the airport, your name could be entered in a secretive new government database, and depending on your threat rating -- red, yellow or green -- you could be prevented from flying or even detained.

This new background check program, called Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre-Screening System or CAPPS II, would assign a rating to every American based on information from secret intelligence and law enforcement databases and even commercial data such as purchase history and banking records.

Innocent Americans have already been stopped and banned from flying because their names erroneously appeared on government "no fly" lists. Take the ACLU's new quiz to find out who's being stopped from flying, and whether you could become one of them.

It seems to me to be more a test of how much one knows about this system. I got 7 out of 8 right. How will you do?

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