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Long-term memory on the Web

The Memory Hole "exists to preserve and spread material that is in danger of being lost, is hard to find, or is not widely known." I just found out about it, being referred there to a story about someone who

...caught United Press International yanking a story and replacing it with an altered version. Around 5 PM Eastern on 02 May 2003, UPI ran a story headlined "Rice Blocked Plan for Raids on Syria" on its Website. But that link now brings up a story headlined "Rice Actions on Syria Disputed," which is datelined 02 May at 7:54 PM.... The two outlets that pick up many of UPI's stories--the Washington Times and Newsmax--quickly pulled the original story and replaced it with the new one.

The heavily-rewritten new article reiterates the high points of its spiked predecessor, but the whole thing is framed as a probable media misfire. The headline says that Rice's actions are being disputed, and the article opens with a vehement three-paragraph denial by a White House communications counselor, who calls the meeting a "complete fabrication."

The Memory Hole has the original story (if it's not in the current blog, you may have to search for it). This is great fodder for us conspiracy theorists. You really have to wonder about how much truth there is in each version of the story.

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