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Strange Bedfellows

I was not surprised when I saw that Molly Ivins asked last week in WorkingForChange, "WMDs? What WMDs?" I resonate to the sarcastic tone of her opening joke:

"Of course we know the Iraqis have weapons of mass destruction. We have the receipts." At this point, the administration would probably be delighted if it could find the WMDs the Reagan administration gave Saddam Hussein. At least it could point to some WMDs.

Then I was surprised to learn that the Free Congress Foundation, the Eagle Forum and the Christian Coalition joined the ACLU in an attempt to stop CAPPS II.

But then I was even more surprised to find myself agreeing with Pat Buchanan when he asked yesterday in WorldNetDaily, "Where are they, Mr. President?"

Trusting the president, believing that he had information we did not, a majority of Americans approved of pre-emptive war. But where, now, are the thousands of artillery warheads and terror weapons the president and secretary of state told us Saddam had?

We have scoured Iraq for a month. No Scuds have been found. No chemical or biological weapons. No laboratories or production lines. No evidence that Iraq was building nukes or seeking fissile material.

From his logical conclusion of what Saddam would have done if he had had such weapons to his scorn for Congress's abdication of power, I am completely in tune with him. There were just two sentences I had trouble with. Or only half agreed with:

Both the president and [Colin] Powell are honorable men. If they misled us, surely it is because they themselves were misled. It is impossible to believe either man would deliberately state as fact what he knew to be false.

I wish I could agree. There's no good reason not to believe this is true of Powell. But I find myself really wondering about Mr Bush's honor.

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