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It's All Over in Iraq?

In a particularly pessimistic posting over at The Dreyfuss Report, Bob Dreyfuss, who is writing a book about U.S. policy toward Islam over the past 30 years, suggests that "President George W. Bush has no choice now: either surrender to the United Nations, or lose any chance of being re-elected." Of course, I find this pessimism well justified. Among other things, it supplements my post below UN: No Iraqi WMD in the last 10 years! by pointing out that

[T]he UN is complaining that the United States didn't help much in finding them.... In other words, the selfsame Bush administration that said in 2003, before the war, that the U.N. inspectors were too incompetent to find the WMD that Bush was sure were there also isn't, and wasn't, getting any help to find them.

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