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The presidency: Way too important to entrust to Americans

Bill Maher has a great commentary at on this topic (it originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times):

... The U.S. Constitution is full of silly, outdated stuff about separating church and state and not putting you in jail without a trial. It's full of lots of 18th-century slang.

And one of the silliest things of all is the part where it says foreigners can't be president.... The problem with presidents today is that they come off as a little too—American. We've got that whole cowboy "bring it on" thing goin'. What we need is a presidency injected with a little sensitivity and worldly sophistication. And who better to deliver that than the grab-and-grope action hero from Jingle All the Way? Schwarzenegger mentioned the German-born Henry Kissinger as someone who would have made a great president had the Constitution not stood in the way - as if that ever stopped Kissinger.

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