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Ain't that the truth!

Jesse Taylor over at has a cute little bit that hits the nail on the head pretty well [via blogdex]. It's certainly not just an April Fool's joke. To paraphrase in my own idiom:

Insert Snarky Title Here

Someone I don't like is saying something I don't agree with.

Here's a quote.

Isn't that dumb? Here's a link disproving what they say.

Look at my pop-culture references! Here's something proving that they're a hypocrite:

Look at what a big hypocrite I am!

I'm going to try to tie this all together with a poignant point and a recommendation for future action. Behold my mighty blog, calloo and callay.

There are a number of appropriate comments as well. Oh, and the object of the link is mine, not Taylor's.

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