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Another day of remembrance

Danny Schechter, in his News Dissector weblog, reminds me that ten years ago tomorrow, the genocide of Hutus in Rwanda began. Over the next 100 days, almost 1,000,000 Rwandans were slaughtered, largely women and children. This brutal exercise was pretty much overlooked everywhere, except by those very nearby. In particular it was spectacularly ignored by my country's government. One such nearby person who did care was then Ambassador to Burundi, Robert Krueger (a short biography appears on the Political Graveyard web site). In vain, he tried valiantly and at great personal risk to get the U.S. government to intervene.

When he spoke out against the killing, his life was threatened and his convoy was attacked. He also became one of my heroes. I was so impressed with him—and so unimpressed with President Clinton and Senator Dole—that I voted for him for President in 1996. He is currently on Genocide Watch's Board of Directors. I highly recommend his 2003 William P. Hobby, Jr. Distinguished Lecture, titled "When Should the United States Intervene? A Look at U.S. Foreign Policy, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" as a lesson to be learned from this ugly day in history.

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