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Funding films with 25 words or less

Today's mailing from Plain English Campaign has an interesting item.

Film-writers can win �10,000 of lottery funding if they learn the art on concise writing. The UK Film Council Development Fund is running a competition where writers must pitch their idea in 25 words or less.

The shortest winning-entry so far was for Castle Rock by Julian Unthank, who simply wrote "A medieval Home Alone".

Other winners include:

* Me and My Frog by Ashley Pannell ("In a musical take on the frog prince, a high school beauty makes a pact with a talking frog to save her crumbling social life.") and

* Subterrania by Peter Hodge ("When the world's largest bank builds an impregnable office complex deep underground to ward off terrorism, nobody expects it to cave in trapping everyone inside.")

Here are the web pages with the UK Film Council's guidelines and applications.

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