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A good move by the Bush Administration

I hate to admit it, but it looks like the decision to put Maj. General David H. Petraeus in charge of organizing and training all Iraqi military and security forces prior to the U.S. getting out is a good one. Kos makes a convincing argument. Gen. Petraeus seems to understand what's going on and what the objective ought to be. Though getting the "Iraqi military and security forces" in shape is probably not a sufficient condition for a withdrawal that leaves Iraq in good hands, it's probably a necessary one. And if that's part of the job, I think Gen. Petraeus will do it with sensitivity and a clear head. I hope to God there's enough time left to do it well. Despite opposing this war from the beginning, I believe it's imperative to leave Iraq in better shape than it was when the U.S. attacked it. And I think that goes far beyond replacing a corrupt, ruthless and evil dictator. Especially considering that replacement looks increasingly likely be someone of Ahmed Chalabi's ilk.

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