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PA primary election—27 Apr 2004

I've updated the links to the left to include local candidates on the ballot in next Tuesday's election.
I'm a registered Democrat, so the only choice I'll have is for who is to be the candidate for the U.S. Senate race.
I suspect Schwartz will win; I've heard from her or her campaign every few days, whether by telephone or snail mail, while I have yet to hear from Torsella at all.
In addition, she has a much more impressive list of endorsements.

I'm not sure how I'll vote.
He goes to the trouble (little though it be) to identify on his campaign web site what he thinks the voters have a right to in their Representative.
Among those is

(2) solicits our advice...,
(4) keeps in touch...,
(7) tells the truth...,
(9) holds high ethical standards... and
(10) avoids partisanship...

I like these and can find nothing like them on Schwartz's campaign web site.

On the other hand, he says nothing about foreign affairs, the so-called War on Terrorism, Iraq or the PATRIOT Act.
These are the issues that matter to me.
She addresses some of them all right, but in ways that make me a little nervous. On foreign policy:

Schwartz believes that a sound foreign policy should be based on four principles: strengthening international alliances, willingness to use force when America's security or vital interests are at risk, a dedication to expanding democracy worldwide, and a national commitment to tackle the difficult problems of international poverty and disease.

... Allyson Schwartz believes that America cannot fail there, that we must establish security and democracy in Iraq.

On "homeland security":

Winning The War On Terror

We cannot protect America without defeating terrorism globally. We must fight this war on every possible front, both at home and abroad. We must work with our allies to streamline the sharing of intelligence. We must coordinate with our allies to track and seize terrorist funding. And we must act militarily when necessary to capture or kill terrorist leaders.

Protecting Our Homeland

We must work to strengthen national security right here at home as well, on our borders and in our communities. A strong homeland security strategy includes tightening security at our borders, improving security at high risk targets, and providing police, firefighters and paramedics with the training, staff and equipment they need. However, a strong homeland security policy should not impinge on the civil rights of Americans.

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