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Primary election results

Thank goodness the primary is over. I was getting more and more annoyed by more and more telephone calls from Allyson Schwartz and her people. It started a while ago with one call every few days and ended with two a day. I hope they decide against a similar tactic for the general election.

John Kerry, not suprisingly, won the presidential preference by a large margin. Arlen Specter barely beat Pat Toomey for the Republican nomination for US Senator. Allyson Schwartz will face Melissa Brown to represent the 13th Congressional district, Jim Eisenhower will run against Tom Corbett for State Attorney General and the incumbent Sue Cornell will be up against Ross Schriftman for the 152nd District in the State House.

The state-wide referendum to authorize borrowing $250 million for water and wastewater infrastructure was approved [scroll down to near the end].

Race-by-race results:

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