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The Ugly American

I thought this excerpt was satire, or a joke, when I first read it at the Whiskey Bar:

We've forgotten the arithmetic of patriotic battle: That it's better for a hundred of them to die than for one of us to die. We owe that to these young men in uniform, and we owe it to their families and sweethearts back home. It is better for a B-52 to flatten an Iraqi neighborhood than it is for one United States Marine to die. It is better to roll tanks down a foreign street than it is to put an American soldier in his grave. We need to use our strength, we need to use our technology, we need to use our power. We need to go big. More troops, more arms, more aggressive tactics and strategies. Let's flood Iraq with American men and munitions and let's steamroll anybody who gets in our way. No more pussyfooting. It's time to fight like Americans.

But the the fact that it was the New York Post and a later update to the same story that made me wonder:

It all began when Lonsberry made on-air comments that alluded to the black Mayor of Rochester, Mayor William Johnson Jr., as a monkey and orangutan.

So I went and looked. It makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be an American.

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