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Very interesting...

Atrios points to a very interesting post on the matter of blowing up bridges in Iraq:

There's a quip I've heard attributed to Noam Chomsky about the first Gulf War. When someone asked him about it, he's said to have remarked that he didn't believe any such event had occured—a war, he pointed out, involves two armies fighting, and it seemed that in that instance, one hadn't fought.

As applied to the first Gulf War, which did have a large set-piece tank battle or two, that's just wrong. As applied to the second, I'm not so sure. One of the enduring mysteries, at least in the public mind, is the sheer ineffectiveness of the Iraqi military, whose elite forces quite literally never fought. They didn't manage to even blow up bridges in their rear as they were retreating.... But the mystery cleared up at least a little bit later, when it came out that key Iraqi commanders had been bought off to not fight.

The full post includes a barb thrown Ted Koppel's way.

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