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Back from vacation in San Diego

On May 9, as I said I would earlier, I flew the very first Southwest Airlines flight out of Philadelphia. We retuned at the very end of May 17. The five legs on three flights over two different days left me with a fairly good impression of Southwest. All but the last leg were on time. For that leg we had to switch planes in Phoenix even though it was a continuation of the same flight. They blamed that and the delay in leaving on weather in Philadelphia. We would have been 30-40 minutes late in arriving except that we spent quite a bit of time circling over the Delmarva peninsula. We finally arrived about 75 minutes late and didn't get to bed till 2:00 am (EDT, vs. the 3-hour earlier 11:00 PM PDT that was the time we were acclimated to).

For once I'm glad the readership here is low, because I had intended to post while I was away. I thought I had grabbed my Password Safe file of logins and passwords, but discovered when I tried to go online that I did not have it. So, not only did I not post for those nine days, I also fell so far behind in other ways, like reading my e-mail, that I haven't had the time to post since then. I'm sure nobody much cares, but I thought I should at least post an explanation. I don't intend absences from this blog of that length.

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