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Horrors! Could the RIAA have been wrong?

Barry L. Ritholtz blogged about the possibility that the RIAA's anti-music-downloading public relations campaign may actually be disinformation (can you believe it?)


While the 5 major US labels claims "a significant reduction in sales over the past three years," it turns out the RIAA has been greatly exaggerating the loss:

        - For the first quarter of 2003 Soundscan registered 147,000,000 records sold.

        - For the 1st quarter of 2004 Soundscan will report 160,000,000 records sold.

"That's 13,000,000 more units, almost a 10% increase in sales since last year. First quarter "album sales" (as opposed to overall sales) had increased 9.4% since 2003."

He concludes with what seems to me to be a perfectly rational demand, although it will never happen:

Isn't presenting false testimony under oath to Congress a felony? I hereby demand a special investigation into the RIAA's Enron like accounting, followed by a swift trial and summary execution.

[via Dave Farber's IP list]

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