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Must vs. may

President Bush in an interview with Al Arabiya [my emphases in all quotes]:

[T]he people in the Middle East must understand that this was horrible.

The Iraqi citizens must understand America is not going to leave until the job is complete.

No, I think it's — first of all, you've got to understand, sir, that military options are always my last option, not the first option...

And in an interview with Alhurra [again, my emphases]:

First, people in Iraq must understand that I view those practices as abhorrent. They must also understand that what took place in that prison does not represent America that I know.

The American people are just as appalled at what they have seen on TV as the Iraqi citizens have. The Iraqi citizens must understand that.

The people of Iraq must understand, sovereignty will be transferred on June 30th.

It's not like the word may isn't in his vocabulary.

And there are two — more than two investigations, multiple investigations going on, some of them related to any criminal charges that may be filed.

[T]here is [sic] investigations to determine how widespread abuse may be occurring.

There are citizens, for example, in the — amongst the teacher ranks in Sunni — parts of Sunni Iraq that were denied the right to teach because they may have been affiliated with the Baathist Party in the past, but who are very important to the future of Iraq because they're teachers.

[T]here is a process of balancing those who may have been affiliated with the Baath Party and those who are terrorists and killers.

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