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Plan of Attack tops Bush site's reading list

Campaign Desk notes Allan Murray's take (in The Wall Street Journal [subscription required]) on why this book of Bob Woodward's — Rush Limbaugh called it "an anti-Bush, antiwar screed" — has the notable distinction of being first on the "Suggested Reading List" at the Bush campaign website [emphasis in original]:

Bush likes the book....

How can this be? Well, Murray explains, if read with neither liberal nor conservative blinders on, the book paints a flattering portrait of Bush — and of no one else....

The president is exactly as Mr. Woodward portrays him: a man who judges his counterparts by their character — he often uses an earthier term — rather than their intellect. A man so certain of his positions that he loses no sleep to doubts. A man who talks to God about key decisions, but avoids long discussions with advisers who disagree. Love him or hate him, this is the real George W. Bush.

Fits my my theories about the man.

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