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Three things you probably didn't know about John Kerry

Michael Kranish, the Boston Globe's national politcal reporter and co-author of the recent book, John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography: By the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best, reveals three things most people don't know about John Kerry in an interview with Campaign Desk.

  1. Kerry's grandparents on the Kerry side were Jews from what today is the Czech Republic named Kohn and changed their name to Kerry and religion to Catholic.

  2. Kerry is an avid cyclist, motorcyclist, a pilot who does aerobatics, a windsurfer who has surfed long distances.

  3. Kerry, despite his pedigree and his current marriage to Teresa Heinz, had financial difficulties and often slept on couches in the apartment of friends.
    He described his financial situation in the mid-80s as "tight ... I was not in a situation where I was flush."
    He pocketed $21,000 from a low-risk real estate deal arranged by his campaign treasurer.

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