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World income distribution, 1970-2000

Another interesting site.
Some observations:

  • The history of India's income distribution is the closest to a microcosm of the world's.

  • China's income distribution broadens more than any other.

  • What happened in Indonesia during 1996-2000? Income goes down significantly.

  • Watching Japan and the USA simultaneously shows the former slowly catching up with the latter in per capita income.

  • Starting about 1983, Nigeria's median income starts trending down and income distribution becomes bi-modal, with a big gap between the higher mode and everyone else.

  • Although one button is labeled USSR-FSU, it appears to be USSR only, disappearing in 1990 following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

  • The USA accounts for virtually all the upper end tip of high income for the whole 30 years.

[also via the Slacktivist]

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