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Civilian deaths in Iraq

Danny Schechter's News Dissector web log carries a story today by Natasha Saulnier titled "The Media Taboo".

As I was writing a piece on the increased desensitization of the marines in the antiterrorist campaign, I came across former Marine Jimmy Massey who had returned from Iraq and was trying to speak out on the atrocities committed by his platoon in Iraq (his platoon killed approximately 17 civilians in two days). The marine's testimony was pretty strong as it was corroborated by other marines from different units (they wanted to remain anonymous though) and subsequently by some members of his platoon. The story was published in the French press early April and quickly translated into English by the Iraqi-American protest singer Stephan Smith.

I then set off to contact the mainstream American press (Washington Post, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Baltimore Sun�) thinking that they would be all too happy to print such a compelling story. Their reactions were confounding. All of them were extremely courteous and receptive. Most of them praised the article (the Washington Post said it was "great.") Yet, none of them would touch it....

At the end, only a British newspaper, The Independent on Sunday, ran my story....

I was able to find that story, "The Marine�s tale: 'We killed 30 civilians in six weeks. I felt we were committing genocide'", here.

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