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Dealing with religious trolls

A participant on the Newsroom-L e-mail list recently trolled the list using religion as bait. It was mostly standard, pretty boring stuff. But I did appreciate one proposal for dealing with religious topics:

  1. Posts with religious topics can only be sent on the sender's Sabbath, and read on the receiver's Sabbath. This means Muslims and Jews can have at it every Saturday, while interfaith squabbles among Christians will take place the following day. Shi'a and Orthodox Jews get the a.m. hours, while the rest have the p.m. hours.

  2. If the poster professes to be an agnostic, then he/she can post and/or respond only on weekdays.

  3. If the poster claims atheism, then he/she can post at any time, but no one will read the posts.

  4. Members of lesser religions (or greater, depending on your perspective), such as Sunni, Sikh, Shinto, Buddhist, and Baptist, must find their own way.

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