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I generally travel the Pennsylvania Turnpike twice each work day — once to work and once home. I get on; I get off. In between I pass four interchanges and a rest stop west-bound and three interchanges east-bound. Although I try to avoid the times of the heaviest traffic, it's usually during rush hour. So I see a lot of drivers unless I'm working a holiday most people have off, which does, unfortunately, happen.

The other day, I noticed how many people don't know how to use acceleration and deceleration lanes. Particularly when getting back on the turnpike from the rest stop, these are the people who stop at the end of the acceleration lane and wait for a opening in traffic. Or start slow down to hazardous speeds a half mile before the exit lane begins.

This is by no means a new thought, even to me. Given my propensity for [usually silent] criticism and judgment, I've probably been having it since 1966, when I first got a driver's license, quite possibly sooner. But this time it struck me like a thunderbolt: most of these people are probably eligible to vote this November. I couldn't help but wonder how people can be informed enough to vote intelligently when they're not even informed enough to begin speeding up in an acceleration lane or to wait for a deceleration lane to begin slowing down.

That was a very discouraging thought.

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