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From the Boston Phoenix:

It was a skinny pair of stereo wires that got 21-year-old Joe Previtera charged with two felonies. A week ago on Wednesday, the Boston College student poked his head through a gauzy shawl, donned a black pointy hood, and ascended a milk crate positioned to the right of the Armed Forces Recruitment Center�s Tremont Street entrance. He extended his arms like a tired scarecrow; stereo wires dangled from his fingers onto the ground below. Without those wires, the Westwood native could have been mistaken for an eyeless Klansman dipped in black, or maybe even the Wicked Witch of the West swallowed by her hat shorn of its brim. But those snaky cords made the costume�s import clear: Previtera was a dead ringer for one of Abu Ghraib�s Iraqi prisoners — specifically, the faceless man who�d allegedly been forced to balance on a cardboard box lest he be electrocuted.

[via Danny Schechter.]

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