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The latest fad in protecting corporations from people

I seem to be reading a lot about grants of immunity from liability lawsuits recently. The latest example is the Department of Homeland Security granting such immunity to Teledyne Technologies Inc., Michael Stapleton Associates Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. [via Dave Farber's IP list]:

Homeland Security Department officials have granted four companies that sell antiterrorism technologies liability protection from lawsuits that might result from terrorist attacks....

If the companies' antiterrorism products malfunction during a terrorist attack, company officials would not be held responsible, for the most part. Congress passed the act to encourage companies to develop and deploy innovative homeland security products that they otherwise might not attempt because they fear liability lawsuits.

Remind me — when was the last time that a company official was held responsible when the company's product malfunctioned?

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