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More Microsoft-istry

From Deltoid, via Brian Clapper:

When Think Tanks Attack

Think tanks vs Open Source

The Alexis de Tocqueville Institute�s attack on Linux is just the latest in a series of attacks on Open Source by think tanks:

[A table of 14 separate attacks by 12 different think tanks follows. Ironically, a good number of them — 5, to be exact — "use Open Source software to power their web sites."]

Many of these pieces were disseminated by [who use Open Source software for their web site] which is a project of the Heritage Foundation [who use Open Source software for their web site]. Many more attacks on Open Source have been published by Tech Central Station [who use Open Source software for their web site]....

Why are all these think tanks so down on Open Source? Well, the Small Business Survival Committee is concerned that using open source will expose small business to the risk of lawsuits. Citizens Against Government Waste is concerned that the Government might waste money on Open Source. Defenders of Property Rights is concerned that Open Source might be a threat to intellectual property rights. However, I was able to detect a common theme to all their criticism. They all seem to be funded by Microsoft [emphasis mine].

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