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Politician lacks sense of humor and sense of irony

Joe Doria lost his seat in the New Jersey Assembly due to a primary upset last year. As reported in the Newark Star Ledger, today he returns to Trenton as New Jersey's newest state Senator. He was selected unanimously by the Hudson County Democratic party to replace Senator Glenn Cunningham, who died unexpectedly last month.

Coincidentally, it was Cunningham who led a renegade slate of legislative candidates in the Democratic primary one year ago, and his running mate, Louis Manzo, defeated Doria for the nomination and took his Assembly seat.

On WHYY radio's local news reporting this morning the irony in this situation was duly noted. But then they interviewed someone, whose name I missed, but who is evidently a local (to New Jersey) politician. He said, paraphrasing, that there was no irony in this situation, only reality. Hmmmmmmm. I wonder what he means.

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