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Poor Martha Stewart!

I'm no fan of Martha Stewart, and especially not of celebraties and other VIPs who take advantage of their positions to screw other people (which is what inside trading does). But I do feel sorry for her.

When it rains, it pours. It turns out, on top of everything else, her safety matches are not quite so safe (from her hometown paper, no less). Seriously, I think she got a bum deal in the first place. Apparently being unable to prove she committed the crime of insider trading, the government convicted her instead of lying about it. Quite a stretch!

More recently, and much more importantly, a Secret Service agent has been charged with perjury in his testimony against her. The way our system of justice works though, she could still be sentenced later this month. Even if the Secret Service agent were to be convicted, it still might have no legal bearing on Martha Stewart's case.

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