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Probably ignorant, but certain amused

You can describe me as being this today after I read the following from the Plain English Campaign's weekly e-mail:

Austria is the latest country to promote plain language. Six departments of the country's government have launched a campaign titled 'Vienna Speaks Plainly'.... The campaign has even created a new word for the process of clarifying documents: Verwaltungsvereinfachungsmassnahmen.

They also quote from a letter in the Times:

Mr Roger Craig (letter, May 29) mentions the 156-page user manual for his new digital camera. Yesterday, my father, prompted by the focus on D-Day, browsed through his wartime memorabilia. These included the aircraft manual issued to him when appointed in 1943 as skipper of a Sunderland flying boat, a heavily armed, four-engine aircraft with a crew of twelve. The manual had 50 pages.

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