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Speaking of lies...

Would it be lying to classify previously public documents on the grounds of protecting national security if the truth were that they were merely embarrassing? The courts are getting involved in this one [via NEWSROOM-L].

A watchdog group sued Attorney General John Ashcroft on Wednesday for classifying previously public documents pertaining to a whistleblower's claims of security lapses in the FBI's translator program....

"The national interests of the United States would be seriously impaired if information provided in one briefing to the Congress were to be made generally available," he [Ashcroft] said....

"This is an extraordinary and dangerous abuse of power by Ashcroft to improperly use the classification system to hide information that the Justice Department finds embarrassing," said Danielle Brian, executive director of the [Project on Government Oversight, the group that brought the suit].

I trust it's clear that all we have are allegations and nothing's been proven or demonstrated yet. Brian might be right, or Ashcroft might be right. Still... wanna bet? (Assuming we ever find out enough to know, that is.)

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