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Star Wars: Faith-based defense?

It sure ain't based on anything real in this world. It's to be deployed without having been operationally tested. What little testing has been done — under the most generous of circumstances — has comprised a large number of failures. And even if it did work, who exactly would we be protecting ourselves from? What a boondoggle!

Dear Senators Santorum & Specter,

The budget deficit is growing, the war in Iraq is worsening, and critical humanitarian programs at home and abroad are being cut.

Nonetheless, President Bush wants to spend over $10 billion this year alone on Star Wars-a program that has yet to be tested and would contribute nothing to our battle against terrorists.

Our country, including our military, has many more pressing needs than Star Wars, even if it were sure to work.

Please, take a realistic look at our country's priorities and cut all funding for Star Wars.


Hugh D. Hyatt

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