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Threats of terror come to roost in Philly

This is a hoot! [registration required]

In the middle of rush hour, a sanitation supervisor in Center City finds a paper airplane and a cassette in a plastic baggie taped to a street-sign pole on the NE corner of Broad & JFK. He pulls them down and throws them in the trash. Then, walking East on Filbert near Juniper he spots a second paper airplane and cassette-in-a-bag on a pole. This time he finds a police officer who retrieves the initial set from the trash and sets about guarding the second set. More police and the FBI are called. The area North of City Hall is cordoned off till late in the morning. The tapes are being analyzed. They contain voices in a foreign dialect. At one point someone says, in English, "We are strong! We are strong!" [via Mithras]

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