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Of course we're Fair and Balanced!


Unfair and unbalanced? We'll see.

I went out of my way last night — I hardly watch TV — to see a recommended re-run of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in which Stephen F. Hayes discussed his book The Connection: How Al Qaeda's Collaboration With Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America. It was okay: amusing but not particularly noteworthy. (I was much more impressed with the hilarious show that followed: Straight Plan for the Gay Man, which made me laugh out loud even though I was by myself.)

All of which is just to say how I came to see a particular ad for Michael Moore's new film, Fahrenheit 9/11. It started with a definition (this may not be an exact quote, but it's very close):

Fahrenheit: the temperature in the atmosphere when it reaches the boiling point

This faux definition really irritates me. It almost makes me not want to see the film, despite having already concluded that I would enjoy it. It's the kind of statement that reinforces my supposition that it's propaganda, despite the prospect of it's being classified as a documentary by many. I'm guessing it probably goes beyond being propaganda, to being outright inflammatory. That it heats up the atmosphere of political debate without the possibility of converting anyone. Believing that I've already been sufficiently inflamed by the current Administration and cannot be further inflamed, I do plan to see it. So I guess I'll find out.

Looks like advertising for Fahrenheit 9/11 could be banned by the Federal Election Commission as of 1 August.

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