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Different versions of Fahrenheit 9/11?

This allegation I saw in an e-mail would be blockbuster news!

Last night I went to see Michael Moore's recent movie, Fahrenheit 911, and discovered that in the Black neighborhood a different version of the movie was shown as opposed to the version I had previously seen in the White neighborhood. It was obvious someone doesn't want low income Blacks to see certain segments of the film that could potentially affect the upcoming election. I've also spoken to others who witnessed the same, and truly feel this merits investigation. If this kind of censorship is taking place in Black neighborhoods here in Atlanta, it needs to be stopped now. I also would like to know how many other theatres in Black neighborhoods around the nation are experiencing this same kind of racial censorship. This is a disgrace! Please respond.

At this point, that appears to be all it is — an allegation.

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