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This burns me up [via Dave Farber's IP list; re-paragraphed, emphasis added]!

Local residents arrested at Bush visit

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Two Corpus Christi residents were arrested during President Bush's visit to the West Virginia Capitol to honor the country's veterans and gather support for invading Iraq. Nicole and Jeffery Rank were taken out from among the crowd of about 6,500 packed into the Capitol's north courtyard in restraints by police. They were issued citations for trespassing and released, said Jay Smithers, acting director of the Capitol police force.

"We were told we couldn't be here because we were wearing these shirts that said we were against Bush," Nicole Rank shouted as police rushed her out. Smithers said the pair had tickets to the event and wore clothing over their anti-Bush T-shirts. Once through the security checkpoint, they removed their outer layers and mingled in the crowd.

"We asked them to go out to the designated protest area but they refused," Smithers said. "They told our people they would not leave and sat down on their hands. We didn't have any choice."

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