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Agreeing with the Heritage Foundation

I rarely do, but July 28's Secrecy News pointed to a commentary from one of their directors that I wholeheartedly endorse:

Experts across the political spectrum agree that government keeps too much information classified for much too long. And too much is unnecessarily exempted from disclosure under the FOIA.

Two serious problems result. One, ironically, is that we wind up with too little control of truly important national security information. (Witness the recent disappearance of computer disks containing sensitive data about America�s nuclear weaponry.) When too much information is classified, bureaucrats become understandably confused about what constitutes truly sensitive information and show less concern about safeguarding that information. The second problem, of course, is that too much information the public should see remains closed doors.

Over the years, federal bureaucrats in virtually every agency and department have stamped countless millions of documents �classified� or otherwise exempted them from public disclosure. Now those documents remain locked away from public inspection, even though there is no longer any reason for keeping them secret.

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