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Her Majesty's Department of Vague Paranoia

What a wonderful web site. For best effect, compare it to a similar looking web site for Her Majesty's Government. The latter responded with concern to the former within 12 hours of the site going up. Who says government can't be efficient when it needs to be?

Received within twelve hours of this site going online:

Dear Mr Scott,

Regarding your website,

We run the Government website for the Preparing for Emergencies public information campaign, on, and are very concerned that the material on your site will confuse people about the sensitive advice and information that we are giving to the public.

This is a very is [sic] serious campaign that should not be trivialised. In the interests of helping people to cope in the event of a crisis or a disaster we would ask that you to take down the site, immediately, and not put it up again in another guise.


[name removed]

I sent a polite response declining to take down the site, but conceding to add a link to the genuine site on the home page. Hopefully this should end the matter.

I wouldn't mind seeing someone do the same for the US's Department of Homeland Security, but be advised: is already taken.

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