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Real life imitates joke

Last month, when my siblings and I were about to be HLA-typed in anticipation of Justin's stem cell transplant, I posted a joke he made about being able to commit crimes with impunity because of having a sibling's DNA. Apparently this is less farfetched than I thought:

Clarence Clayton, a Middletown town employee was mistakenly identified in a police report last week as having been arrested for night prowling, possession of marijuana, and resisting arrest. Police now say it was Clayton?s brother, Samuel, 40, whom officers arrested Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Captain Matt Jamison, commander of the New Castle County Police Southern Patrol District, said Samuel impersonated his brother at the time of the arrest in order to evade several outstanding felony warrants.

The staff reporter who wrote this story is Diccon Hyatt, nephew to me and to most of my siblings.

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