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U.S. gov't ambivalence on secrecy

Today's issue of Secrecy News also has this rather amusing note:


"Whatever you want or need from the U.S. government, it's here on", which is "the U.S. government's official web portal,"
purports to offer the most comprehensive search engine and index of
U.S. government publications.

Remarkably, its definition of U.S. government information includes
the Secrecy News archive, as well as much of the Federation of
American Scientists web site.

Secrecy News is not, um, a U.S. government publication. So how does
it come to be indexed in A site policy statement

"In rare instances, links to websites that are not
government-owned or government-sponsored if these websites provide
government information and/or services in a way that is not
available on an official government website."

Which is precisely the point.

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