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Yes or no: Has anyone stopped beating their spouse yet?

This headline says it all: "Bush's Mocking Drowns Out Kerry on Iraq Vote". First Bush challengs Kerry to answer with a simple "yes" or "no". Kerry says, "Yes" although he does add quite a few more words in clarification. But he answered the question. Now all Bush and Co can do is mock his answer, refusing to take the issue seriously.

Rand Beers, Kerry's national security adviser, has in return posed some questions to Bush.

Mr. President, knowing what you know now, do you still believe that you made no mistakes in how you took this country to war? Do you really have no regrets about sending many of our troops into battle without body armor to save their lives? Do you believe it was a mistake to invade Iraq without a plan to win the peace? Do you wish you had done things differently so our troops and the American people wouldn't have to bear the burden in Iraq almost alone?

No answer yet from Bush. If and when they come, let's hope Kerry & Co don't respond with mockery.

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