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Ironies at the RNC

I wish I had time to look into some of this in more detail. So far, all I've heard is Morning Edition on NPR this morning. I listened to as much as I could stand before switching to 'XPN for the rest of the drive in to work.

Dick Cheney claimed last night that John Kerry doesn't understand the seriousness of the terrorist threat, saying, among many other things, that "time and again, Senator Kerry has made the wrong call on national security." This shortly followed Rick Santorum saying about the banning of gay marriage, "Isn�t that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?" Excuse me, Mr Cheney, but who did you say it was that doesn't appreciate what we're dealing with?

Zell Miller said, in a totally un-self-conscious non-sequitur, "Like you, I ask which leader is it today that has the vision, the will-power and — yes — the backbone to best protect my family. The clear answer to that question has placed me in this hall with you tonight, for my family is more important than my party."

Twelve years ago, under the same roof, Mr Miller made the keynote address at the DNC that nominated Bill Clinton for his first term as President. Three years ago, he called John Kerry "an authentic American hero" "one of our nation's authentic heroes, one of this party's best-known and greatest leaders — and a good friend." Last night he said, "For more than twenty years, on every one of the great issues of freedom and security, John Kerry has been more wrong, more weak and more wobbly than any other national figure." Ignoring for the moment, the blatant misrepresentation, I ask, Mr Miller, who do you say is flip-flopping?

The fiery Mr Miller also said "Nothing makes this Marine madder than someone calling American troops 'occupiers' rather than 'liberators,'" completely ignoring the fact that, of course, George W. Bush is one of those who has done so.

Little could make me happier than seeing these guys gone.

Corrected the Zell Miller quote about John Kerry and added a link to the speech.

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