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A new way to think about our constitutional rights

Brian Clapper forwarded a message from Dave Farber's IP list with the subject "Secret Service shuts down Michael Moore interviews" to another list we're both on.

It all started when the demonic filmmaker, Michael Moore, arrived at the convention and made his way to his seat. NPR reporter Andrea Seabrook intercepted him to get his opinion of the unfolding events. Just as the interview began, courageous agents of the US Secret Service, without regard to the possibility that they might be hit in a crossfire of questions and answers, bravely threw their bodies in between Seabrook and Moore.

Both transcript and two audio files (1st, 2nd) [RealPlayer] of the incident are available.

Steve Sapovits followed up with this apropos comment:

Maybe his seat wasn't in a free speech zone. That's one I love —
free speech zones. Maybe next we can create religious freedom zones and non-unreasonable search zones.

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