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Critique of Tony Blair's Labor Party conference speech

Dave Farber's IP list had a pointer to an article by Anatole Kaletsky, whom Dave's correspondent describes as "a respected commentator on economic matters in the London Times" who "rarely strays into politics[, w]hich makes his hard-hitting article in today's [30 Sep 04] London Times on Tony Blair's speech to the Labour Party conference yesterday all the more interesting." Unfortunately the link was to a subscription-only copy of the article. However, I found a freely-available copy.

POLITICIANS, like people in general, should normally be judged by their actions not words. But after a chain of events has been set irrevocably in motion, when it is too late for actions to change history's course, there are times when words can speak louder than deeds. Tony Blair's address to the Labour Party conference was such a moment.

As I listened to Mr Blair in Brighton on Tuesday, I suddenly and totally unexpectedly felt a twinge of the same physical panic which engulfed us all on that horrible Tuesday three years ago. As the Prime Minister's speech veered from a perfectly lucid account of domestic policies in Britain into a tangled and incoherent apologia for the disaster in Iraq, it suddenly struck me that Britain was led by a man who had lost his reason. This sounds exaggerated, so let me be precise.

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