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Out, damn spot!

Speaking of Windows crashes, I recently acquired a used laptop. Win98 SE was already installed. Eventually I intend to run Linux on it, but for now I want to run some Windows-only applications, especially including Time & Chaos, the so-called Personal Information Manager (PIM) under which I've kept track of nearly everything in my life for the last 10 years (exactly, it turns out, as of today!).

What a horrible piece of software Win98 SE is! I feel blessed when I can get through a whole work day or an evening at home with it, without having it crash or hang at some point. Then, more often than not, it fails to shut down completely when I ask it to. As a particularly annoying consequence, whenever I try to boot up following such an incomplete shutdown, I get lectured on the necessity of cleanly shutting down my system before powering it off. What nerve!

I can't wait to get rid of Windows. On my brand new home desktop, I am installing Linux From Scratch. After that's done, I'll install a version of Linux on my laptop, assuming I can find a good PIM that runs under Linux.

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