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What's behind Rep. Drier's national ID bill?

Declan McCullagh [via his Politech list] sees pure political self-interest and warns of dangers that both conservatives and liberals are likely to see in this bill. It seems that such a bill from a junior legislator would normally die a quick and quiet death, but that's not the case here.

Most all bills die without the dignity of a floor vote. But Dreier is a rising star in the Republican Party with the influence to enact legislation quickly.

As a chairman, he's one of the youngest to head the powerful House Rules Committee, not to mention acting as co-chair of Californians for Bush and chairman of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's transition team. In 1998, his conservative voting record garnered a perfect 100 percent rating from the Christian Coalition — and a zero percent rating from the left-leaning Americans for Democratic Action. Last week, Dreier appeared on MSNBC as a Republican spokesman before the presidential debate.

The ostensible reason Dreier gives for a federal ID: curbing illegal immigration... The real reasons are slightly more complicated.

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