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Imagine yourself in Molly's shoes for a couple of minutes

Is this the way we want to live here in the US? I certainly don't!

At the Delta ticket counter, the attendant asked if she was in the military because she was on a list for an extra security check. The attendant spent some time on the phone but could not tell her why she was on the list....

She says she was patted down and scanned with a metal detector. Her carry-on bag was emptied out, and her textbooks and journal were flipped through by a security person. Again, she could get no satisfactory answer as to why she was being singled out....

At the airport in Atlanta for the flight home, she was once again directed to a separate room and patted down. The people who did it were very nice, she says.

But still, she is angry about her treatment. She was never told why she made the list. "The idea that I could be dangerous, that I could hurt other human beings, is preposterous," Little says.

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