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Truisms in "Strategic Communication"

Steven Aftergood, in the latest issue of Secrecy News reports on "a new study from the Defense Science Board on... how the United States could more effectively 'communicate with and thereby influence worldwide audiences.'"

The report presents implicit criticism of the Bush Administration, albeit in homeopathic proportions.

Thus it notes that "Good strategic communications cannot build support for policies viewed unfavorably by large populations. Nor can the most carefully crafted messages, themes, and words persuade when the messenger lacks credibility and underlying message authority."

Further, "Words in tone and substance should avoid offence where possible; messages should seek to reduce, not increase, perceptions of arrogance, opportunism, and double standards."

While my reaction to the substance of this report is, "Doh!" I must say I really, really admire Mr Aftergood's use of the term homeopathic. I actually laughed out loud.

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